Cynthia L. Davis

The visual arts have always been a huge part of my upbringing and surroundings.  If I ever skipped school because I was bored in class (which was often), the Detroit Institute of Arts was my “other” school.  Drawn to Diego Rivera’s towering industrial murals, sketching within the intimate galleries of other great masters’ work (I was in love with Rembrandt anything), to Louise Nevelson’s installations within the DIA.  Such special memories.

These extracurricular educational jaunts led to the Cranbrook Institute in Birmingham, MI for more inspiration, Cass Technical HS, Wayne State University, the infamously famous Plum Street District and other evocative, provocative and intensely creative times in the Metro Detroit area.  Needless to say, the 24/7 atmosphere of incredible music, performing arts, the imposing presence of the Automotive Gods with innovative engineering, design, marketing, interning with Fisher Building Engineers,  and much more was within grasp.  I was very fortunate to grow up within these surroundings.

Always drawn to oils, watercolors, pen and pencil drawings, pastels…any art form I could utilize during these formative years, influence my process to this day.  I have been able to paint en plein air and learn at the easel, with amazing Artists/Instructors such as Joe Lombardo, Leo Mancini-Hresko, Waltham Studio Artists, Teresa Oaxaca, and others.   This ever-continuing education is wonderful, frustrating, immensely satisfying and with a great sense of gratitude, I continue to explore, stretch and grow.

Recent Public Showings (2017) include:

McConnell Center for the Arts, Worthington Ohio

High Road Gallery, Worthington, Ohio

Red Stable Gallery, Columbus (German Village), Ohio

Recent Commissions:

Portraits, LP/Vinyl Record – Cover Art

Cynthia L. Davis, Artist

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