Art’s journey is very individual and the journey has been wonderful.

A brief summary of Doug’s journey.  Doug’s career in the retail and wholesale business has been a significant part of his education for developing into a painter.  Because of the amount of studying involved with presenting a plan to retailers with selling merchandise to the consumer, the end composition is always adapting to the changing conditions of the end goal.  For instance, when you go to a store to shop, have you ever thought about why the store is set up the way that it is?  Why certain brands and products are placed in specific areas?  To answer this; Professionals with many years of experience learned how to create an environmental composition for the consumers to walk through and become inspired to buy merchandise.  This is exactly what Artists do in a painting, drawing and even a song or symphony.  The end result of good Art is a created composition by using a series of abstractions in a space that stimulates individuals into a response.  

Drawing and painting are based on that exact same theory for Doug.   Creating a composition by placing marks on a surface from an observational abstraction of a scene that engages the viewer is the goal.  And hopefully, the viewer will gain some sort of interest in that creation, even if they like it or not. 

Doug has had one painting shown at the Columbus Museum of Art in 2017, two paintings shown at the Springfield, OH Museum of Art.  One is 2016 and another in 2018.  

Doug’s Art education has been built through years of painting, collecting Art, taking painting workshops and painting under Michael McEwan, Fred Fochtman, Nathaniel Underwood and Neil Riley directions.  

Painting during leisure time and while on business trips include the following areas. Maine, Pacific North and Southwest, Columbus, OH, Tiffin, OH and the Seneca County landscapes are a pleasure and offers endless opportunities to create paintings.  Hopefully, you the viewer, will see some sort to interest from my creations.  

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