Artist Statement

Plein air painting, a form of representational art executed on location, requires a keen sense of memory and focus. The painter continually struggles to remain true to the artistic vision that first captured the eye as daylight moves quickly across the scene. Being on location fosters intimacy, and by capturing some truth of a place and time in her art, she hopes to convey to others her love and respect for our natural world.


Artist Bio

A representational artist, Susi began formal art training at the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2002, where she discovered a passion for oil painting and representational art—particularly in the plein air format—as she continued classes through 2006. Since then, she’s participated in many short, intense workshops with highly regarded painters.

With a push to improve her work through daily effort on location, in 2013, she completed a nine-month 2013 Plein Air Odyssey—painting her way from Arizona to Alaska and back. Each day, she found fantastic subjects as Susi and her husband rolled along in their RV! Her goal was also to connect with artists along the way. What better way to improve her work and to find picturesque spots than painting en masse with local experts?

In 2015, Susi led a small group of painters on her 2nd Plein Air Odyssey through the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Susi found this 3 month painting journey filled with challenging, unfamiliar subjects—boats, shorelines, and harbors—that caused her continued her growth as an artist.

In honor of the National Parks 100th celebration, Susi’s Plein Air Odyssey 2016 began May 21, 2016 as she and her husband flew back to Arizona to their RV at their winter home. She painted most days in over 15 national and state parks – from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone – during this 3 month journey.

Susi began her 4th Plein Air Odyssey – a Return to Alaska – in New Mexico in April, 2018. She brought back over 50 paintings from that 5 month journey.

Susi revisits some of her plein air works in her studio in a larger format which allows her to add additional information and adjust compositional issues.

Susi is a charter member of Ohio Plein Air Society and was on the Board of Trustees for 7 years. She is also a member of Oil Painters of America, Adirondack Mountain Painters, Sonoran Plein Air Painters Society and the American Impressionists Society.

You can follow Susi’s art on either her website at www.SusiHavensBezaire.com or Facebook.

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