Although, most of my inspiration comes from southern Ohio, I have painted from Ross County, Oh to Idaho, to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the beaches of the east cost. I am an avid outdoors-man, so plein air painting just makes sense to me. After hiking, whitewater boating, canoeing or driving, I find myself at my chosen “spot” for 3 – 8 hours,. The whole experience is what I am after. The wind, light, rain, heat, noises, and smells all contribute to my inspiration. It is very much like writing a song. Little phrases held together, in contrast and likeness, building a rhythm, to tell a story of sorts and create a mood. Making my marks, chasing the colors and light, feeling the abstractness of it all, observing the “place” for most of the day, can be life changing. I hope to leave knowing more than when I came.

I work primarily in oil and watercolor, but keep filling sketchbooks year after year.
I have made my living as a graphic designer and illustrator for 35 years. I have pursued art, my whole life. It has defined me. My fine art and my design career have always fed each other. I am grateful for that.

I studied at Columbus College of Art and Design. I began my commercial career at the Chillicothe Gazette newspaper (designer/illustrator) and finished my career with The Ohio State University (30 years/Senior Graphic Designer).


Millie's Market
1836 Boston Company Store
Driggs Creek
Yellow Door
Schiller Park