Rebecca Hawkins    Rjhawkins0406@aol.com

Exceptional art teachers taught at the schools I attended while growing up. They left an imprint that still influences my work. One, Russian immigrant Barbara Bachovzeff, provided us with a variety of pastel sticks to paint the various still lives set up in her classroom.
Pastel’s are still my chosen medium to work with. Today there are many more
choices offered than in the past. I love the soft pastels & the variety of colors
available. I often use sanded surfaces to paint on. It has been my privilege to attend workshops offered by nationally known artists, Doug Dawson, Barbara Jaenicke and Mary Ann Davis. Painting en plein air fits with my love for nature. God’s handiwork is always inspiring, the possibilities are endless. Since my recent retirement from a full time career in nursing I’ve returned to painting. Painting with various local and state wide groups has provided opportunities to refresh my early training and explore local art venues. My work has been hung in juried shows the past two years at the Butler Museum of American Art & is sold in their Fine Art Sales Gallery. Rebecca may be contacted at 330-429-5686