Rhonda Sloan

Graphic Designer by trade, artist by determination. I have always been drawn to the arts. From an early age, I found myself painting alongside Bob Ross on Saturday mornings as he created majestic landscapes. I started painting in acrylics, moved onto oils then landed with the most interesting and sometimes frustrating medium of all… watercolor. Watercolor intrigues my senses and mesmerizes my mind. I am currently working on honing my skills to create pleasing atmospheric landscapes and scenes from my travels. I prefer to paint with a slightly abstract representational style. A short stroke to indicate a person walking or a splatter of water to indicate a rainy day. Telling a story and creating a sensation is the key ingredient to my paintings. I’ve taken numerous painting classes, watercolor workshops and joined watercolor societies in my quest to attain skills in this versatile medium. Overall, learning to paint with watercolors has been a rewarding challenge that I will continue to enjoy and marvel.